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"Funny Girl" at The Wick Theatre, January 19-February 24.

"Funny Girl" at The Wick Theatre, January 19-February 24.

The Wick - "Funny Girl"

REVIEW: opens Thursday, January 17. Look for our review after opening night, January 19.

Primal Forces - "Having Our Say"

Having Our Say reminds me why we are so fortunate in South Florida to have such amazing theater. Starring our own Broadway star, Miss Avery Sommers, as Sadie Delaney, and Karen Stephens as her sister, Bessie, it tells the true story of the Delaney sisters, each over 100 years old in the play. They are two civil rights pioneers. Sommers' shows why she is always a star of the theater and Stephens is equally stunning as they play these bookend, enchanting, reali-life sisters. Humor, sadness, history, and wisdom all merge together to bring the audience a play that is disarmingly simple but carries a powerful message,  Primal Forces, founded in 2014 by Keith Garsson and presenting small, black box productions. gives us a briliant and touching play with stunning performances by Sommers and Stephens. Now through February 3 at the Sol Theater, Boca Raton. Tickets and information at

Maltz Jupiter Theatre - "Mamma Mia!"

Look for our review of Mamma Mia! opening Thursday, January 17.

Palm Beach Dramaworks - "Spitfire Grill"

  Look for our review of Spitfire Grill opening Friday, February 1, 2019.